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Home » Breaking The Myths Related To Brown & White Sugar

Breaking The Myths Related To Brown & White Sugar

by Cognition General Trading LLC
Brown & white Sugar

Consuming sugar in your favorable choice of sweets and delectable beverages is a normal thing. Without having sugar, your body will not get the desired choice of glucose to function appropriately and receive the necessary energy.

For quite some time, there has been waging war against brown sugar and white sugar related to a particular choice of health benefits. And it has been repeatedly assumed that brown one is better than white sugar in terms of calories, sweetness, and other macronutrients.

But you do not know that it’s all the myth spreading all across the internet and most people are believing in the same.

So, here in this blog, we will be breaking the myth surrounding brown and white sugar related to its overall manufacturing process and consumption benefits.

What is brown sugar?

Brown sugar is certainly brown in color due to having the first-level refined process visual appeal. There is a mixture of slight choice of white sugar along with the maximum quantity of molasses inside. Molasses is nothing but dark brownish syrup gathered from raw quality sugar and added to make the white sugar.

So, in real terms, brown sugar is the combination of raw, molasses, and white sugar. Therefore, the calorie count of this variety of sugar is not much less compared to the white one.

What is white sugar?

When it comes to the manufacturing of white sugar, the raw quality of sugar is refined several times to make crystal clear sugar. Molasses are also added but refined later to remove any sign of brown shade from the sugar. And in terms of calorie count, white sugar has slightly raised one compared to brown sugar. Thus, it’s a complete myth that brown sugar is better than white sugar. Instead, both types of sugars are more or less of the same calorie in the count.

Health benefits of consuming brown sugar

The only difference you find between brown and white ones is the availability of several extra sorts of components. In brown sugar, due to the availability of molasses inside, it has an added choice of minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. White sugar does not have such kinds of minerals inside its composition. So, in that sense, people believe the fact that brown is better than white.

Difference between raw & brown sugar

In this blog, we have mentioned a slight detail of raw sugar from which brown and white varieties are made at different levels. Raw means the unrefined and crystallized substance that contains 96% sucrose and 4% plant minerals inside. Although, it is healthier than the other varieties of sugars but cannot be consumed at all levels.

On the other side, brown sugar is a mixture of raw, molasses, and white sugar. And because of that it further contains added choice of minerals to provide numerous health benefits.

How to make molasses?

There is something you should know about molasses before knowing the difference between the two varieties. Molasses is a dark, sweet, and byproduct made from the processing level of sugarcane or sugarbeets. Not just for the process of manufacturing sugar, molasses is further used in baking items, making run, creating commercial brown sugars, and other related products.

For those who do not know how to make molasses, then it is made after crushing the sugarcanes or the sugarbeets to extract the juice. After this, the juice undergoes the rigorous boiling and crystallization process to form a thick substance that is brown in color. READ MORE : Tip Blogging

Difference between molasses & sugar

Another imperative thing you know related to the topic is the difference between molasses and sugar. Molasses as you already know is formed after processing the sugarcanes or sugarbeets. It is still sugar in the healthiest form. And it contains a high amount of magnesium, vitamins, and other minerals inside.

On the other side, sugar is nothing but a multiple-processed product for the day-to-day consumption of people in their food and drinks. Of course, sugar in brown or white form when consumed in limited quantity is healthy for every single person.


The debate between brown and white sugar will continue for the years ahead. But it is essential to break the myth between the two. Both are healthy varieties and types of sugars when consumed in limited quantities. Not much of a difference is there except that for added minerals inside the brown one. Therefore, you can lay your hands on any variety of sugar. That belongs to a reliable brand by shopping online, and that too without going anywhere else.

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